Latest Release – You’re No Good – Single – Natalie Brown

This chill, laid back, contemporary R&B/Urban/Pop song was originally intended for use in a movie soundtrack. It did not get placed so we are releasing it to you to enjoy. Watch the video for more on the song and Natalie discussing making music in Africa.


Identity Music Group (formerly Identity Records®) was founded in 2000 by veteran record producer Jeremy Rwakaara and Pop/R&B/Soul recording artist Natalie Brown. Since 2000, the company has overseen the release of the albums ‘Let The Candle Burn’ (2000), ‘A Cool Christmas’ (2003), ‘Random Thoughts’ (2009), ‘A Cool Christmas Special Edition EP’ (2010), ‘The Relationship Odyssey’ (2012), ‘Jingle Bells’ – Single (2012), ‘This Christmas – EP’ (2014) and ‘You’re No Good – Single (2017). Music is available at major digital retailers. CD format can be ordered via the online store.

IMG, Inc. is also actively involved in licensing master recordings from its catalog to the film, TV, videogame and International markets. For master use licensing requests please contact us via email.

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The Orchard Distribution Sony Music Entertainment

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As much time as most musicians spend on their mixes (and masters) there just doesn’t seem to be the ability to make the mixes sound as BIG, FAT, CLEAR, WIDE, and LOUD as the major label mixes. There actually ARE some things you need to know and have in order to get that sound. In the meantime, we also acknowledge that most independent musicians simply can’t afford (and it doesn’t make financial sense to afford) to master hundreds of songs per year when many will likely not make much money from each song. Many of these types of recordings are destined for YouTube, SoundCloud, etc, selling at gigs, and for friends and family to listen to. In addition, most musicians have no idea exactly what mastering is, and seem to like the way their mixes sound as is. We get it!

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